Never Run Out Of Soap In The Shower Again

Hot showers are the ultimate way to relax, until you realize there isn’t any soap in the shower.

Then, you’re left with two options (neither of which is very good).

You can tip toe out of the shower, naked and dripping wet, to find a new bar of soap (Just try not to break your neck).

The second option is to skip the soap altogether and let the water alone wash away the dirt, grime and stink (Not recommended).

Soap Stacker is a revolutionary multiple soap bar dispenser that ensures you’ll never run out of soap in the shower again! Its patented design conveniently holds 4 bars of soap while keeping the unused bars free from moisture, so they stay completely dry.

Soap dish

It is easy to install, easy to use and fits perfectly on any bathroom wall – glass or plastic. To install, simply clean the area on your shower wall where you’ll hang the dispenser. Stick the case to the wall and open the case on the side to load the bars of soap. That’s it!!!

This wonderful bathroom buddy even allows you to hang your sponge or washcloth under the dispenser.